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The LEAD Fund Authors Program conducts research on persistent and cutting-edge issues that expand the body of knowledge in diversity, equal opportunity law and social justice policy, and provide effective strategies and best practices to ensure access and opportunity for all. The LEAD Fund Authors Program emphasizes “Diversity in Action” and is committed to promoting undergraduate and graduate research that advances new understandings and tested strategies aimed at expanding organizational or institutional knowledge of access, equity, and diversity.

LEAD Fund Authors are selected among a diverse pool of applicants who present their work for consideration to the LEAD Fund. LEAD Fund Authors’ presentations are intended to disseminate fresh ideas on methods to promote access, equity, and diversity in employment, education and business/contracting.

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Applicants must be of undergraduate or graduate status, enrolled at a higher education institution.

  • Paper submissions must be relevant to advancing knowledge about access, equity, and diversity in domestic or international spheres.

Submission Criteria:

  • Include 500-word maximum bio or curriculum vitae

  • Must have abstract and conclusion

  • Minimum for paper: 20 pages, maximum 30 pages

  • Accurate Citation, Chicago Style (Bibliography will be verified)

  • Appropriate Footnotes

  • Submission must focus on advancing access, equity, and diversity in domestic and/or international spheres

  • Consent to be published by the LEAD Fund

  • Submit today by emailing

  • Consent to have the paper professionally edited

  • Reviews will be done on a rolling basis. There will be a maximum of three papers published each year. 

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